HLC Staff

Cheryl Mohr

Founder & Chairwoman of HLC Board of Directors

Chad Minnema

HLC Boys Camp Director & Recruiting Director

Aimee Lamb

HLC Girls Camp Director

London Beth

Director of Basketball Operations & UA Recruiter

Jason Herro

Tournament Director

Paul Toloza

Media Director

Tom Wojahn

Security Director

Dakota Carver

Milwaukee Administrator

Tony Herro

Tournament Recruiting Director

Fond du Lac Coaching Staff

Joey Peterson

Fond du Lac Girls Coach: 11U/12U White

Juan Guerrero

Fond du Lac Girls Coach: 13U/14U Orange

Crystal Koch

Fond du Lac Girls Coach: 15U Select

Ryan Wittnebel

Fond du Lac Girls Assistant Coach: 15U Select

Emily Manske

Fond du Lac Girls Assistant Coach: 13U/14U Orange

Paige Case

Fond du Lac Boys Coach: 11U/12U White

Sidney Minnema

Fond du Lac Boys Coach: 13U/14U Orange

Tim Johnson

Fond du Lac Boys Coach: 15U Select

Carl Bahr

Fond du Lac Boys Coach: 16U Prospect

Aiden Bahr

Fond du Lac Practice Director & Boys Assistant Coach: 16U Prospect

Milwaukee Coaching Staff

Mark Carver

Milwaukee Girls Coach: 16U Prospects

Andrew Gliszinski

Milwaukee Boys Coach: 11U/12U White

Kourtney Krohn

Milwaukee Girls Coach: 11U/12U White

Sarah Shaffer

Milwaukee Girls Coach: 13U/14U Orange

Eau Claire Coaching Staff

Tara Putnam

Eau Claire Director & Girls Coach: 15U Select

Peter Weeks

Eau Claire Boys Coach: 11U/12U White

Taylor Deling

Eau Claire Boys Coach: 13U Orange

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